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Smart Solutions For Private Files

OvniFile consists of the combination of Cloud Computing of Ovnicom, and highly-available corporate data storage systems, which allows you to access your data at all times from any device with Windows, Mac, Linux or Android and iOS.

OvniFile has an encryption of information for the protection of your data. You will be able to store and manage your files in an easy, reliable and secure way, as well as share files through password-protected links or accesses or by an expiration date.



Access your files from any device, create user accounts, share your data and even edit your documents safely and reliably.
Enjoy a private cloud for your organization, with individual or master accesses.
seguridad y efectividad
Information with data encryption system for the protection of all your data.
OvniFile has a "Replication and Disaster Data Protection System"

Your Secure And Available Data With OvniFile

Ovni File is a corporate private storage solution that combines Ovnicom Cloud Computing, intelligent storage systems, High-end virtual machines and the talent of our specialists to create a robust, easy-to-use and completely secure data repository system.

It consists of a complete private file storage unit online, which significantly improves our productivity in the workplace, since we can share our data safely, synchronize and store our information. With Ovni File You can access your work when you need it from any device from an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface.

Nowadays, end users require and demand access to their digital files instantaneously. Ovn iFile is presented as a data storage option, through which the administrator has the ability to share, manage and download their files in a friendly way. Businesses and businesses demand privacy, security and high availability of their data. With OvniFile and Ovnicom Cloud we fulfill each and every one of these requirements.

Above cloud storage Ovni File has high standards in data integrity, security and high availability of vital information for your organization.

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