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The cloud computing reinvents the role of it in your business in order to make your business and operations processes more efficient.

We are the only provider that includes without any additional cost Backup and Replica service in your Cloud Computing. Our OvniCloud it's designed to fit your business strategy and provide you with a competitive advantage that you need. En Ovnicom we will guide you to the Cloud in the simplest possible way, safe and confiable, approved by years of experience in the Cloud Computing technology and the creation of virtual environments.

All our OvniCloud includes 1 vMonitoring (10 sensors), 1 vBackup (1 daily), 1 vReplica (1 daily), 1 vFirewall with 10 connections VPN RA SSL and 2 Connections VPN Site to Site


Automatic updates
You don’t need to worry about future software updates because in Ovnicom we will take care of realize them in a automatic way.
Energy Saving
Our Ovni Cloud will allow you to low the energy waste to 0, because you don’t have to worry about the use of a physical infrastructure in your offices.
Cost reduction
Ovni Cloud offers advantage to small and medium businesses in terms of cost reduction. You pay for what you use.
Quick Execution
In just one hour you can enjoy all benefits of any of our Ovni clouds.
Waiting time
The waiting time aren’t bigger than 20 min and is checked by a Cloud specialist for any requirement that you could present.
Performance and Administration
Run your websites and software applications as a service at an efficient pace with the benefits of better performance.
Remote access
Employees can access their information wherever they are, regardless of their location.
Scalable storage
You can expand your storage options to meet your needs without problem.



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  • In Ovnicom we have a complete portfolio of solutions in the cloud, designed to adapt to any environment of small, medium and large company providing you with Last technology for the development of your business and with the highest level of savings since you will not have to invest a big quantity of money in physical infrastructures, software, hardware, updates and specialized employees.

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